S 606

“When I moved into my apartment in Beirut, I had only a rough idea of how it would turn out because the project was executed while I lived abroad and visited occasionally only. Until this day, the complex and yet perfect layout of the stone floor is like a visual puzzle that intrigues me and… Continue reading S 606


This distinctive building in Beirut’s Museum district is designed as an environmentally conscious structure that responds to its surrounding context, housing the headquarters for the First National Bank. The building sits on a central site close to the National Museum of Beirut, as well as many key corporate and governmental buildings. Here, Raed Abillama Architects… Continue reading FNB HQ

D 627

Situated within a fresh commercial quarter in Dbayeh, Dbayeh 627 offers a distinctive new addition to the city as well as a vibrant business hub. The new tower, which is nine stories high, sits alongside a route that connects to the arterial coastal highway and carefully balances the need for an open relationship with its… Continue reading D 627

B Living

Badaro Living, a vintage 1950s structure, sits amidst the tranquil urban community of Badaro.With one dozen apartments, the scale of Badaro Living is intimate.The project is composed of duplex apartments with large terraces and pools, as well as simplex spaces. Generously high ceilings, from 3.50 to 5.75 meters, and large window openings will contribute to… Continue reading B Living

Abi Chelsea

Situated just a stone’s throw away from the High Line elevated parkway in Chelsea, this new development on West 19th Street offers a landmark addition to the district’s skyline. Abi Chelsea provides a spacious new art gallery at street level with ten luxurious and original residences arranged over the eight storeys above. With its distinctive,… Continue reading Abi Chelsea