Villa LRA

Situated in Dbayeh, between Beirut and Jounieh along the coastal route, Villa LRA takes both the Mediterranean Sea as well as the surrounding properties into account. The villa is one of four houses, which make up a whole of private and communal family grounds. The essential design of the project is based on a composition… Continue reading Villa LRA

Villa G

Villa K&M

Villa K&M, located in Zouk el Khrab of the northern suburbs of Beirut, formerly existed as a simple double unit, two-story building of concrete with stone cladding on its side walls. The RAA approach towards the house’s transformation included clearing the structure of unnecessary decorative elements, as well as bringing a sense of lightness and… Continue reading Villa K&M


This summer beach house for a family of five and three guests is situated in Jbeil, along the northern coast of Lebanon. Despite its rugged nature, the site is restricted by a mandatory 10m shoreline setback. This limits the project’s placement to a relatively flat area between a secondary private road and the sea. The… Continue reading F B H

Maison N

Villa B

This villa at the heart of Amman seeks to find a balance between private enclosure and openness. The public façade of the building features natural stone in various textures; for example, a distinctive woven lattice made up of interlocking rectangles of honed stone. This creates a brise soleil of perforations, which allow light to filter… Continue reading Villa B